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Many knowledge management researchers aren’t practicing what the profession preaches

With knowledge sharing, it’s unfortunately a case of do what we say, not do what we do.

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Are knowledge management researchers far more unethical than their peers?

Examining an issue revealed but not followed up by a recent study leads to an unsolved mystery.

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Open access trends in 2017: the good, the bad, and the irony

Journal publishers are initiating content sharing and agreeing to open access demands, but the predatory journal problem is on the rise.

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Poor citation practices undermine scientific credibility, so apply these principles


Are citations being done appropriately and correctly, and can the situation be improved?

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Editorial: An example of hype in science publishing and reporting

A paper published in a respected journal illustrates the hyping of language used in science and the low quality of science reporting in the mainstream media.

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Knowledge brokers: connecting research and practice

Feeding back discussion boards at Climate Knowledge Brokers Workshop by Climate & Development Knowledge Network

Knowledge brokers can help ensure that research is translated into practical outcomes, and that in turn research priorities and activities are informed by practitioner experience.

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