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Recovering Rainforest – 2007 Queensland Rainforest Forum

2007 Queensland Rainforest Forum Program

Inspired by the 1998 WWF SEQ Rainforest Recovery Conference and the SEQ Rainforest Recovery Cross Regional Implementation Program (SEQRRCRIP), the 2007 Queensland Rainforest Forum also had the theme “Recovering Rainforest”. The 2007 Forum attracted over 260 delegates and asked “Ten

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South-East Queensland Rainforest Recovery News

SEQ Rainforest Recovery News Issue 1

South-East Queensland Rainforest Recovery News was published in 1997-1999 to provide updates on the initiation of one of Australia’s first multi-species recovery planning projects, the South-East Queensland Rainforest Recovery Project (which evolved from the earlier South-East Queensland Vineforests Project).

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1998 WWF South-East Queensland Rainforest Recovery Conference

1998 South East Queensland Rainforest Conference Proceedings

While working with the World Wide Fund for Nature Australia (WWF), I organised and convened the 1998 South-East Queensland Rainforest Recovery Conference, titled Rainforest Recovery for the New Millennium. The conference brought together landholders, government bodies, scientists and Landcare and

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