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Apple wants to make Siri a better therapist, but is it a high enough priority?

Apple is recruiting a new software engineer with a counseling or psychology background, but is this enough to overcome Siri’s crisis support shortcomings?

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Editorial: Do lobby groups and political parties stage fake front group campaigns?

A newspaper article has accused an anti-Safe Schools advocate of staging a fake front group campaign on behalf of the Liberal Party of Australia and the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL).

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Some notable developments in open information

Nearly half of recent research papers are now open access, Wikimedia 2030 has been released, and Thesis Commons has been launched.

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Planning for the fascinating social complexity of Chinese cities, and what it can teach the west

The self-governance achieved in the urban villages of Shenzhen, China stands in stark contrast to a local government planning process in the Toowoomba Region, Australia.

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Many knowledge management researchers aren’t practicing what the profession preaches

With knowledge sharing, it’s unfortunately a case of do what we say, not do what we do.

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Are knowledge management researchers far more unethical than their peers?

Examining an issue revealed but not followed up by a recent study leads to an unsolved mystery.

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False news might not be fake news, but the Washington Post still has a problem

The Washington Post was accused of spreading fake news after it published inaccurate reports regarding Russian hacking of the US electricity grid. Is this really fake news?

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Are natural systems an appropriate reference point for complexity discussions in KM?

Do natural systems reach equilibrium, and are they self-sustaining?

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Libraries as innovation incubators

National Library of Australia

One way in which libraries are evolving their relevance is through the establishment of co-working business incubators.

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Trust in crisis: the fourth turning begins

The results of two recent surveys are showing that the predictions in the book The Fourth Turning were right on the mark.

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