Author: Bruce Boyes

Mainstream and social media reaction to the Brussels terror attacks: has anything changed since Paris?

Brussels 23 March 2016 – Gathering at the Bourse by Valentina Calà

Has the mainstream and social media response to these Brussels terror attacks been any different to the response to the Paris terror attacks?

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Medical groupthink: is that surgery, procedure or medication really necessary?

CPMC Surgery by Artur Bergman

Given my experiences, it has been no surprise to read the recent report ‘Questionable care: avoiding ineffective treatment’ and an extract from the new book ‘Surgery, The Ultimate Placebo’.

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Case Study: An agile approach to program management

Hawkesbury-Nepean River Recovery Program Steering Committee visit to Penrith Weir by Bruce Boyes

The Hawkesbury-Nepean River Recovery Program offers insights into how agile approaches can be used in program management (which is a different discipline to project management).

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Email isn’t dead, but it is ageing: How young people now communicate online

whatsapp application by

Stories about email thriving into the future are missing important factors: changes in demographics, and the rapid rise of something new beyond social media.

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Cultural dimensions and factors: use and misuse

National cultural dimensions theories and factors are very useful in assisting effective cross-cultural communication and related understanding, but beware the ecological fallacy.

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Editorial: An example of hype in science publishing and reporting

A paper published in a respected journal illustrates the hyping of language used in science and the low quality of science reporting in the mainstream media.

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Case Study: The dangers of information silos

1822 Survey Plan Lower Shoalhaven Estuary

Decision-making for the Shoalhaven River had missed vital information, highlighting the danger of information silos in organisations.

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Case Study: How to overcome resistance and denial when engaging stakeholders

To achieve the successful implementation of the Sustainable Management of the Helidon Hills Project, I needed to quickly overcome stakeholder resistance and denial. How was this done?

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The Paris Agreement: knowledge management and climate science denial

Wind power by Martin Abegglen

If the momentum of the Paris Agreement is to be maintained, then climate science denial needs to be overcome. How can knowledge management help?

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Paris terror attacks: exploring the mainstream and social media reaction

Vigilante for #ParisAttacks in London by Christiaan Triebert

Have the mainstream media and social media responded appropriately to the Paris terror attacks?

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