Author: Bruce Boyes

Questioning the truth in the notion of “post-truth”

Implicit in the terms “post-truth” and “post-truth politics” is the view that the global information landscape has undergone a dramatic and sudden shift. But is this really the case?

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The knowledge management implications of the Trump vote

Donald Trump

We need to radically change the way in which we work with the community: we need to listen to and understand people’s stories, and work collaboratively with them to implement change.

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What can be done about the growing problem of false online information?


A new platform called “Hoaxy” is showing promise in tackling the growing problem of misinformation online.

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How sharing false and distorted information on the internet contributes to a divided world


Two examples that illustrate how sharing false and distorted information reinforces negative cultural stereotypes.

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Should knowledge managers become more active in policy development?

Policy Development

Information professionals are advocating for policy in support of information management, but knowledge management professionals don’t appear to be doing the same.

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The role of facilitation in evidence-based practice

Past Projects

RealKM Magazine encourages evidence-based practice in KM, so we’re marking International Facilitation Week with an exploration of the role of facilitation in evidence-based practice.

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Do the hyperlinks on your website constitute a copyright infringement?


A new hyperlink copyright ruling in the European Court of Justice is causing significant concern.

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Case study of knowledge management in the construction industry using a socio-technical platform

Construction Industry

A case study shows proof-of-concept of a SocioBIM system for knowledge management.

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Is the Olympic Games Knowledge Management (OGKM) program effective?


An Associate Fellow at the Saïd Business School argues that Olympic host cities need transparency, rather than knowledge transfer.

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Are the “dark triad” personality traits really that bad?


The dark triad personality traits can bring career success for individuals, but this comes at the expense of organisations and groups.

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