Author: Bruce Boyes

2016 Australian census data retention change: Benefits and privacy concerns


A significant change is that this year the ABS will be retaining the names and addresses collected in the census.

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A knowledge strategy process for natural resource management organisations

NRM North Workshop 17-05-07

The Regional Knowledge Strategy process examines three lines of enquiry, followed by sensemaking and action planning steps.

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Smart cities and knowledge management

Smart cities

What is a “smart city”, and what is the role of knowledge management in the development and governance of smart cities?

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What does your face reveal about you, and who is the better judge: humans or AI?


Can people remember faces as well as they think they do, and can we tell someone’s age from their face? Can AI do it better? And can we tell if someone is trustworthy from their face?

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What’s up with the big car makers?

Automotive Industry

Blunders by some of the world’s largest car makers, including Toyota, Volkswagen, and Mitsubishi, suggest the need for stronger regulation and supervision of car makers.

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Poor citation practices undermine scientific credibility, so apply these principles


Are citations being done appropriately and correctly, and can the situation be improved?

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How are our libraries going?

National Library of Australia

How are our libraries going in the digital era: are they adequately funded, and are they being used?

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Divided views on Australia’s proposed copyright law reforms


Two Australian Government inquiries have proposed significant reforms to Australian copyright laws. Who is for and against the proposed changes, and why?

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It’s time to switch off the life support for email

Drowning in email by Xavier Vergés

Further evidence in support of my argument that we need to abandon email in favour of messaging as soon as possible.

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Why we need to put email out of our misery, and how we can do it

Drowning in email by Xavier Vergés

There is a dark side to email overload, so we need to stop rearranging the deck chairs on the email Titanic and instead implement a genuine solution.

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